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IVF for Low Egg Count

The rapidly moving world has taken up so much pace that in order to adjust with it, oftentimes, people forget that they have a personal life. Being a mother is a blessing; carrying your baby in your arms is the best gift ever. But what if you decided that motherhood could wait till you were financially stable or even mentally prepared? With advancing age, a woman's ovarian reserve diminishes. The result of it? Poor quality of eggs and inability to fertilize!

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What is ovarian reserve?

Is the number of eggs left in the ovary, which are capable of growing and becoming a potential embryo. And we all know, the more, the healthier eggs..., the more chances for a successful pregnancy. To have low ovarian reserves means less than four oocytes ( immature egg) in each ovary. So yes, this obviously means less healthier eggs...and fewer chances of pregnancy.

What is the standard quantity of eggs that a woman produces?

All women are born with 1 million eggs. However, with our first menstrual onset, the number of eggs drops to the 3-4 lakh mark. The ovulation takes place only with around 400 eggs, and the others degenerate. With the aging process, women have lower counts of eggs, so much so that she is left with only 10000 eggs when she steps into her menopause phase.

Reasons for a low ovarian reserve-

  • Growing maternal age
  • Chromosomal anomalies like Turner's syndrome and Fragile X syndrome
  • Any damage to the ovary due to infection, endometriosis etc
  • Any past surgeries or radiation therapy given.

Symptoms that show you have a low ovarian reserve-

There are no self-diagnosable methods by any means. Although there are no definitive signs that are noticeable, the following could be a few indicators

  • Futile pregnancy attempts
  • Missed or delayed periods
  • Shorter menstrual cycles
  • Scanty bleeding during periods
  • Miscarriages

The evaluation of ovarian reserve cannot be done based on these factors alone. It may so happen that both women in their 20s and 40s may have the same ovulation time period. But, their reserves may vary entirely. To know about the status of your ovarian reserve, you must visit a doctor for proper evaluation. As one can see from above, getting pregnant becomes difficult with poor ovarian reserve, even with IVF. The failed attempts at pregnancy can be heartbreaking. Doctors therefore suggest a pretest for ovarian reserve to identify the patient’s ability to conceive via IVF. Hence getting this test done prior to treatment, saves the couple a ton of money as they could consider other and more successful treatment options as discussed below. 

Poor ovarian reserve and IVF-

An ovarian state that would not encourage fertilization may crash your dreams. But, your journey towards motherhood has only begun!

‘Although a triumph road to it,  the joy of being a mother takes away all the pain.’

The question you may ask, “ How to get pregnant with a poor ovarian reserve?”

IVF, even with low ovarian reserve, usually involves getting pregnant with your own eggs after stimulation treatment. But if you are not ready for pregnancy yet Freezing the eggs for later usage can also be adopted as a plan. However, all these options do not guarantee you a successful pregnancy. If you want better success with lesser expenses, it is of prime importance that you sit along with your partner to decide upon the alternative...i.e., Donor eggs!

Adjust to the fact that although your eggs will not be used in fertilizing the embryo, no matter what, it will have your partner's DNA and your receptive uterus.

Also, be optimistic that the quality of your ovarian reserve can be upgraded by;

  • Maintaining a normal BMI
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid stress
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly

To sum it up, it does not matter if you are below 30 or over it, if you have a poor ovarian reserve or a good one. The essential criteria is to maintain the positivity and goodwill towards achieving your motherhood. Know that there is the best IVF hospital in Hyderabad that will help you in fulfilling your dreams by effective treatment. And if IVF is not the answer... Adoption will always be!

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