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Right time to undergo IVF

As expecting parents, you must be wondering what is the right time to undergo an IVF treatment that would assure you good success rate?

It is quite natural for you to be anxious regarding the failure of IVF treatment that you must have seen in your friend’s case or maybe even in your case. The cycle of questions that are winding in your mind is very much just. But, the answer to all your rollercoaster emotions is just opt for the best IVF center in Hyderabad.

Talk to a professional and ease out your worries. And as for now, if you want to further upgrade your knowledge about IVF and the best time to undergo it, then this is the blog post for you!

Who should be suggested for IVF treatment?

The first question you must be having in mind;

“Am I ready for IVF or is the treatment for me?”

Well, numb down your nerves! IVF is a blessing in the field of infertility. Its definition is undefined in terms of the glory it brings into your family and your life. If your only hope is to bring home ‘a small packet of joy,’ and your attempts towards pregnancy have turned futile again and again, then this is the answer to your problem. You do not need a reason more significant than this to choose IVF, as this treatment is feasible for everybody!

Also, IVF can be decided upon the following conditions as well:

  • Long term infertility problem
  • Endometriosis( the extra tissue present out of the uterus)
  • Damage to fallopian tube
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Low sperm count
  • Ovulation problems

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When should you straightaway opt for IVF?

  1. IVF provides a higher success rate than IUI. If you are unsure of the results of intrauterine insemination(IUI), your best choice resides in IVF.
  2. The problems of a damaged fallopian tube, male infertility, pelvic adhesions are medical conditions that act like a speed breaker to the path of fertility. In such instances, IVF comes as a rescuer. To choose IVF is to choose the joy of motherhood, after all the other methods have failed.
  3. Age is a vital factor to keep an account of in planning your pregnancy. IVF shows a higher success rate when performed at a younger age. With the advancement of age, the quality of eggs, the uterine environment of the mother might not be apt enough to conceive a child.

IVF in itself is a brand name these days. Its success and failure have both been heard by all of us. But whether you are in for a successful treatment or not, only time will tell. The age criteria have been viewed by doctors as a pinpointing guideline not to be skipped. To adhere to the success rate, it is of critical importance that you choose IVF at an early age.

Did you know: Women in their thirties are now freezing their eggs for using them later.

This idea surfaced as people staunchly believe that with growing age, there is a growth of the failure rate as well. Nevertheless, the truth that should be imbibed in us is that IVF does not assure a sure-shot bull’s eye with just a healthy egg. Yes, being young is a tick mark to one of the necessary factors, but other criteria should also be dealt with.

IVF in recent years has evolved as the end mark to the fertility journey. People cling on to the hope that if nothing has worked, then IVF is the only resort. Also, the right time to know when to undergo IVF is leveling up the chances of pregnancy. Is it really so?

Science would claim the correct time to choose IVF is when a woman is in her 30-35 years of age precisely. What about the other factors, then? What if infertility is an issue, but the woman to conceive is not mentally prepared for it? To be prepared mentally and physically is the first step a woman can take towards a higher rate of IVF success and a potential motherhood.

Motherhood is a big choice to make, and in the case of infertility, IVF is even a bigger decision to make. The mental state of the mother, her physical ability to carry the child are as important factors to have a successful IVF.

Leave your IVF worries and questions to your doctor.

Reach out to the best IVF center in Hyderabad to trample down your worries, book your appointment with premium fertility center- Esha IVF and resolve all your problems.