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Tips for conception and healthy pregnancy


We will discuss how to have a healthy pregnancy. Before that, let us understand what a healthy pregnancy is. A healthy pregnancy is when a pregnant woman feels well throughout the nine-month gestation period except for the normal discomforts and doesn’t have any medical conditions in the mother or the baby.

A couple conceives when there is unprotected intercourse between the couple during the woman’s fertile days. When a lady decides to start a family, it is important to maintain pre-pregnancy health. Keeping a healthy body and mind can help to conceive soon. A healthy married life between the couple will also help the woman conceive as per their plan.

Once you have decided to get pregnant, consult a health care provider and get a basic medical checkup. You must also get all the mandatory vaccinations to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Make sure you disclose all your family medical health history to your doctor.

Proven tips to get pregnant

Once you decide to get pregnant, you must follow some dos and don’t’ strictly.


Increase water intake: drink at least 2-3 liters of water so that the body toxins are flushed out 

Regular exercise: Women who exercise regularly are more likely to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy than women who don’t exercise. The childbearing capacity will be better, and they will have fewer complications.

Frequent doctor checkups: You should be under the vigilance of your doctor once you have decided to get pregnant. You must disclose all your ailments, previous medical history, previous pregnancy history, and family medical history so that the doctor can guide you well throughout your pregnancy journey.

Intercourse: Have unprotected  intercourse with your partner during your fertile days.

Diet: Eat balanced meals with adequate carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Make sure you get the required vitamins and other essential dietary supplements.

Be stress-free: There is a direct impact of the pregnant lady’s mental health on the baby’s overall growth. Lead a stress-free life and keep away from negative forces.

Don’t s

It is essential to stay healthy physically and mentally. As much as there are dos, there are some don’t’s during pregnancy.

Smoking: Quit smoking immediately as it impacts you getting pregnant, and even if you conceive, it affects the baby’s health,

Booze/drinking: Avoid alcohol consumption if you have a planned pregnancy. Alcohol is an inhibitor and reduces fertility.

Caffeine: You have to limit caffeine intake in coffee or tea. Caffeine can inhibit the blood flow into the uterus and indirectly impact the baby’s growth.

All the tips mentioned above are proven tips to get pregnant.

How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Once you have decided to have a baby, you will be anxious to get pregnant and experience the entire pregnancy cycle and motherhood. Most importantly, maintain ideal body weight, and cut smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. If you are above 30, then there are 20% of chance of getting pregnant in every cycle.

As a first step, you should track your menstrual cycle and your ovulation period. You should have intercourse with your partner during ovulation, which increases your chances of getting pregnant. Get a preconception checkup done with a doctor. Start using supplements like Folic acid, vitamin supplements, and iron supplements. Stay in bed right after intercourse, do not rush to the washroom.

If you have PCOS or PCOD issues, you must consult a doctor and take advice on the chances of conception.

Tips for getting pregnant 30-35

As you reach your mid thirties, your chances of getting pregnant will reduce. If you could not conceive with unprotected sex for more than six months, you should immediately consult a fertility specialist. You must have an open conversation with your doctor and discuss all your pre-existing health issues and family medical history.

You should get your fertility tests done and undergo the necessary treatment if needed. Our previous blogs have discussed various treatment options and how to ovulate naturally.


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey towards parenthood. It would be best if you began this beautiful journey with a healthy mind, body, and soul. You must maintain a healthy body weight, eat balanced food, exercise well, have 7-8 hours of rest, and lead a stress-free life to pass through this beautiful journey. We at Esha fertility clinic can help you to sail through this beautiful journey with ease and enjoy the entire experience of pregnancy and parenthood.