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Tips for natural conception and healthy pregnancy

In Vitro Fertilization is  complicated, costly, and pretty disappointing whenever failures occur. IVF actually offers a expectable range of chances for couples looking for reliable therapies to conceive, with success rates varying from 45 percent to 55 percent. Nevertheless, since in vitro fertilization is both money and time-intensive, spouses must do everything possible to boost the process’s current rate of success.

Tips which you can follow are.

Ejaculation should be resisted before collection

If the male companion wishes to be an active participant in the process by contributing semen, he should refrain from ejaculating for a minimum of a few days prior to the collection. Avoiding masturbation and ejaculation are two of the most powerful ways to increase sperm count. Before choosing the sperm sample for fusion, however, semen analysis must be performed.

Consume Healthy Fats

According to studies published, monounsaturated fatty acids will help increase the odds of a healthy IVF pregnancy. Whereas the real effects are yet to be confirmed, eating healthy fats such as seeds, nuts, olive oil, and avocados will help increase the number of eggs available for successful fusion.

Caffeine, liquor, and maybe even low-GI foods should be avoided.

Although we just discussed how to eat a certain range of items, this section explores how couples can increase their IVF success rate by avoiding coffee, alcohol, and even low-GI food choices. To begin with, caffeine has a detrimental effect on the developing fetus, while alcohol, a teratogen, has the potential to hinder or rather interfere with the fetus’ overall growth. Low GI foods, such as refined sugars, are also poor because they increase overall inflammation and can damage the mother’s immune system.

Workouts that are too strenuous should be avoided.

While workouts are beneficial and recommended even during IVF, a high degree of intensity is not recommended. Heavy exercise sessions have been shown to minimize female fertility and, in some cases, implantation failure. Swimming and brisk walking are examples of mild physical activities.

Make rest a priority.

Because of the complications and cost associated, it is typical for partners to be anxious during the In Vitro Fertilization process. Sleep and plenty of rest, on the other hand, must not be missed if the couple wishes to increase their success rate. Sleep cycles that are well-managed and interspersed with intervals of total darkness perform best. As a result, the latter increases the feel-good hormones and boosts body melatonin levels, which are sometimes helpful for proper conception.  IVF could take a toll on couples’ emotional and financial well-being. That being said, since the final outcome is what any couple wishes for, it is suggested that any of the above methods be pursued, though under expert guidance, to maximize the likelihood of a good pregnancy.

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