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Tips to support your male partner through infertility

Infertility is indeed a reason for mental anguish for males. Throughout fertility issues, it can be easy for men to consider taking on a supportive role, encouraging their spouse through the experience in the backdrop. Sometimes it can be difficult for men to find a way to express what’s really happening in their minds, as they cope with infertility. Most males won’t talk about it in the dressing room with their friends or while playing a game of cricket. Thereby, the needs and emotions of a man can quickly be neglected or ignored through the process.

Men typically feel and interact differently with their feelings than women. As a means of spinning the structure of a partnership, women would use communication, while men are involved in focusing on the final outcome and producing the product. Thus, men are always solution-oriented when a challenge is posed, looking in a “tool bag” for how to solve a problem. But while a woman may have to speak about her emotions to function and feel much better, her spouse may not. You may visit an infertility center or IVF hospital for this.

Tips To Support Your Male Partner

Just go out and do something.

Although you may help by listening, doing something healthy and active can support him. Organize a  picnic, invite him to hit some cricket or soccer balls, or take him to his friends for lunch or dinner.

Find out what calms him.

If he really is upset, examine his actions and try to help him understand what calms him.

Learn Seduction art.

Physical intimacy can also be a way of making your husband feel loved and comforted, so try a playful, spontaneous sexual experience to surprise him.

Arrange a date

Plan an experience or trip that you realize he’s going to enjoy and make things work without informing him what you’re doing.

Go to a support groups as a pair.

Although men rarely seek a self help group on their own, many are prepared to engage in a meeting with their wife or girlfriend. These communities help normalise infertility thoughts and fears, and also assist men greatly.

Motivate Him

Men sometimes feel lonely but often do not understand how to convey it or end up telling their spouses that they need a ‘true man’ with whom they can start a conversation. It is essential to let your husband know how much he means to you if he feels this way, and to let him know that this is not something he must go through by himself alone.

Let go of the old days: men also tend to blame themselves for previous decisions in their way of living or feel there is something that can be done differently. That’s why you must minimize talking about the past and try to look forward to  what the future may hold. It is crucial not to allow you to be pulled down by the past.

Setting goals: Infertility is a phase, a process that needs a lot of persistence and comprehension. Set expectations on how much time and resources the two of you will be able to invest and do your studies together with the ultimate objective of reproducing.

Motivate  him to Talk

“Speaking over difficult things is daunting for many, so begin a conversation with simple questions such as “So what do you think about all this?

To let him know that you are interested, listen and acknowledge whatever he says about this issue of infertility and repeat his comments.

Shoulder the burden: There are several choices that spouses explore after a diagnosis of male factor infertility, including IUI therapies, and often both men and women may have to go for therapy together. They require a lot of paperwork, doctors’ awkward questions, and intrusive procedures for both the husband and the wife. Sharing these experiences together makes it better.

He doesn’t really need to fret over stress

Employment or financial pressure does not trigger male fertility issues directly. Even if physical pain (like a marathon) or mental turmoil (like overworking or family problems) affects his sperm development, sexual appetite or arousal, these disruptions are self-correcting and time-limited. For any help, counselling and successful IVF treatment, consult Dr Chandana, she is an experienced ivf specialist with the best ivf clinic or infertility hospital in hyderabad