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Egg Donation Cost In Hyderabad

Egg Donation Process

Most of the time, women cannot conceive because of low egg count or lack of good quality eggs. So the egg donation process helps in the conception of infertile women and allows the couple to conceive. Esha IVF Fertility Centre, Hyderabad, provides healthy donor eggs from females with no genetic or inheritable diseases. A donor egg program is an ideal option for females suffering from premature menopause, non-functional ovaries, damaged ovaries due to chemotherapy or cancer treatment, poorly functional ovaries due to older age, and females at more risk of transferring genetic disease.

Selection Criteria for Egg Donors

  • Healthy Females with good ovarian reserve
  • Donors should be free of infections, such as HIV and hepatitis C
  • Females with a healthy lifestyle, non-smokers, and non-alcoholic
  • Young females
  • Females should be with the correct weight
  • She should be able and willing to make the oocyte donation program a success for the intended parents

Egg Donation Process

  • The first step is diagnosis and tests for better evaluation of the reproductive health of the female
  • After complete screening and evaluation, medicines are given to stimulate egg formation on day 2 of the cycle
  • The screening tests, scans, and evaluations are done again before the next dose
  • The trigger shot is given on day 11
  • Eggs are retrieved on day 13 under the general anesthesia. Egg retrieval doesn’t require abdominal cuts and is done by catheter. This is done by the transvaginal ovarian aspiration to remove the eggs from the donor’s ovaries

After Donation

The donor is asked to rest for a few days before returning to normal activities. Esha IVF provides excellent aftercare to the donor and helps her overcome physiological effects after egg donation with her counseling sessions.Esha IVF is an adept gynecologist and provides the safest and confidential programs in her clinic, including the egg donation process. If you are willing to help others, you can consult us and help us in delivering smiles.