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Preparation Of Egg Donors

Preparation of Egg Donors

Egg donation is a short procedure that requires 15-30minutes time but has proven to have a good success rate. It involves extracting an egg from carefully screened donors and requires preparation.Esha IVF has the safest and confidential egg donation programs and also has the highest success rate in retrieval and implanting the egg. The egg donation process requires a healthy donors. and preparation of the egg donor before her menstrual cycle.

Birth Control Pills

On day 2 or 3 of the menstrual cycle, the egg donor is given birth control pills in such a manner that it can be stopped before the next cycle.

Stimulation Dosages

According to age, height, weight, other hormonal factors, the ovary stimulating drugs are given in suitable doses.

DAY 1: First Day Of Menses

Screening tests like antral follicular count and a Pelvic scan are done on the Donor to visualize the ovaries. Besides, a blood work test will be done to determine her serum Estradiol levels. As per the advice drugs and their fixed doses, stimulation will start from Day 1 or latest, by Day 2. Same medications will continue till Day 5 unless as advised by the doctor.

DAY 6: Scan

Scanning and evaluation are done to check the ovarian response.

DAY 8: Repeat Scan

The scans are repeated to cross-check the response, and the gynecologist decides whether the donor is fit for egg retrieval or not.

DAY 11: Trigger Shot

The trigger shot is the medicine that finally releases the eggs inside the follicles and causes them to reach the final stage of maturation. Post the Trigger Shot Egg retrieval is done within 34-36 hours.

DAY 13: Egg Retrieval

This is a 15-30 minutes procedure done under general anesthesia without any abdominal cut. A transvaginal ovarian aspiration is done to remove the eggs from the donor’s ovaries.

After the Donation

The donor is prescribed antibiotics for five days and asked to rest to recover.