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Are Blastocyst Culture And Transfer More Successful?

Blastocyst Culture and Transfer

Blastocyst transfer is the transfer of embryos in the blastocyst stage. Blastocyst transfer is done on the 5th day of follicular aspiration.She has advanced and latest setup at her clinic for every fertility treatment and offers the best available treatment in the town at a fundamental cost.


In blastocyst transfer, the embryo, which is an advanced stage of development, is transferred. The process is performed on the 5th day of the follicular aspiration. In this process, the doctor removes eggs with the help of needle from ovary,and then they are fertilized in a laboratory with the use of IVF and ICSI. After fertilisation, the egg starts to divide and develop into an embryo. In the development stage, the first stage is a pronuclear stage and reaches the 2 and 4 cell stage on the second day, the eight-cell stage on the third day, the fifth day on the morula stage and the sixth day is the blastocyst stage. The embryos are developed in an incubator till the fifth day in a specialized culture medium called blastocyst culture. Then the doctor transfers the embryo into a female uterus, and it is called blastocyst transfer.

Advantages of Blastocyst Transfer

  • It offers a higher success
  • The extra in vitro time of embryos allows the doctor to select higher implantation potential embryos for the transfer
  • Reduces the chance of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages

Blastocyst transfer has proved to be a better alternative because of many additional advantages and increased success rate.

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