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Embryo Transfer with embroy glue

Embryo Glue

Embryo Glue acts as an adhesive culture media which is highly enriched in hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) used during implantation of embryo promoting the pregnancy rate in IVF-ET cycle during embryo transfer in prognosis. This media aids the adhesion of the embryo to the mucous membrane in the uterus by enclosing media over the embryo and guiding the bonding activity of the embryo to the uterus with sticky properties that possess consistency similar to the mucosal membrane. Esha IVF has the best embryo glue done by latest and most advanced technology. We provide the highest success in IVF treatment at the most affordable and budgeted price. Esha IVF clinic has expert specialists that offer embryo transfer along with embryo glue that helped couples to increase chances of conception.

Advantages of embryo glue

  • EG is beneficial for those patients with recurrent implantation failure
  • EG helps in increasing embryo implantation for patients with ectopic pregnancy
  • EG, improves the apposition and attachment of the embryo in the uterine cavity for implantation
  • EG, is HA-enriched media that is favorable for females of advanced age
  • EG, is HA-enriched media that is favorable for females of advanced age

Consult Esha Ivf clinic for any query and clear your doubts regarding the embryo glue technique. Embryo glue is the latest and safest technology that helps in the implantation of embryos. It has minimal risk and the highest success rate in embryo transfer. We have the best IVF specialists to perform embryo glue, and we offer customized plans and budget-friendly packages for every IVF treatment. Book your appointment now!