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How Successful Is TESE

MicroTESE Risks & Indications

Testicular sperm extraction is the surgical procedure of removing a small portion of tissue from the testicle and extracting any viable sperm cells from that tissue for use in further procedures, most commonly intracytoplasmic sperm injection as part of in vitro fertilisation. Indications of TESE

  • If a man has an adequate level of testosterone in his blood after a hormone test and has other exams indicating that his testicles are making normal amounts of sperm
  • In case of obstruction of azoospermic even though he has received treatment and his testosterone levels have been normal for at least four months

The Possible Risks For Undergoing Microtese Include:

  • bleeding
  • skin or testicle infections
  • inability to find sperm
  • transmission of a potential genetic cause of infertility to any offspring resulting from use of the sperm
  • testicle damage (which is rare) and

  • risks of general anesthesia

How Successful is TESE?

This is more applicable for patients with azoospermic of normal male harmones. And it is less successfull in patient with testicular failure. In Esha IVF we ensure the highest chances of success rate of TESE at an affordable price. We have state of art technology and modern equipment to perform the latest fertility treatment. To know more about the treatment like TESE, contact or visit us now.