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Oocyte Freezing Treatment In Hyderabad

Oocyte Freezing

Esha IVF ensures the safest and comfortable oocyte freezing program. You can freeze your oocyte while your biological clock is still ticking at a very low and cheap cost. Schedule your appointment now and clear your queries regarding oocyte freezing. Oocyte cryopreservation method is used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future. This helps to preserve eggs to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The preserved eggs and preserved sperms are thawed and combined in the labs and the embryos formed and then transplanted in the uterus during the IVF cycle.

In this technique,the fertile or matured oocytes are harvested and cryopreservation for the future use.

Procedure of Oocyte Freezing

  • The ovary is stimulated for production of healthy and more quantity of good eggs
  • The IVF specialists of Esha IVF retrieves the egg

  • For freezing, vitrification techniques are used

FACT:The first human baby from a frozen egg was born in 1986.
Many young couples, single women, and others used the oocyte freezing technique to produce the baby when they are mentally and financially prepared. For any query regarding Oocyte freezing and other Ivf, programs visit Esha Ivf. We have the best IVF specialists in Hyderabad, and we offer the best oocyte freezing program at an affordable rate. Schedule your appointment now and get the best at the lowest rate.