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Embryo Freezing Vs Egg Freezing

Embryo Freezing

Esha IVF Clinic is the best embryo freezing centre in Hyderabad which has shown 100% high success rate in retrieval and freezing of embryos in the laboratory. Embryo freezing is a technique to store the embryo for future use. The embryo can be stored for 5 years. Cryopreservation is a technique in which organelles, tissues, cells are stored at low temperatures to maintain their vitality. It is used to preserve sperms, eggs, and embryos for the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or infertility treatments.


The following are the procedure for embryo freezing

Slow freezing: In this method, the embryo is slowly frozen, and the cryoprotectants are added gradually in increasing concentrations. The embryo is then slowly frozen in a machine and is immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196° C.

Vitrification: It is a rapid freezing method in which the embryos are directly placed in liquid nitrogen after adding cryoprotectants. This process changes them into a solid-state without the formation of ice.

Success rates of thawing frozen embryos

Studies suggest that women using frozen embryos have higher chances of delivering healthy babies.

Who can benefit?

Embryo freezing has many advantages as can be benefitting for the following sections of people:

  • People with genetic disorders that affect reproduction
  • People who will soon undergo chemotherapy
  • People who take medications that affect fertility

Esha Clinic offers a world-class embryo freezing centre in Hyderabad. We have the best embryo freezing specialists that retrieve the embryo and store them for further use.