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Testicular Biopsy IVF Treatment In Hyderabad

Testicular Biopsy For Infertility

At Esha IVF, we have a class-apart setup with modern and latest instruments and offer the best testicular biopsy for infertility. Our IVF specialist along with her team are the top fertility specialists in Hyderabad, and believe in detecting the disorder and curing it.

Use of testicular biopsy

  • Diagnosis of testicular abnormalities
  • Cause of infertility
  • Obtaining sperms during IVF
  • Determine whether a blockage causes sperm production problems

There are two different procedures for a testicular biopsy.

Percutaneous Biopsy

With a percutaneous biopsy, a thin biopsy needle is inserted through the skin. The needle has a syringe on end to collect the testicular tissue. It also is called a fine needle biopsy. There is no incision or stitches made in the percutaneous biopsy.

Open Biopsy

An open biopsy is also called a surgical biopsy. In this, an incision is made in the skin And the testicle. Then a small tissue sample is taken from the opening, and stitches are used to close the cuts.

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